What We Believe

New Destiny Beliefs

The national Assemblies of God Core Doctrines contains a thorough explanation of our church Core Doctrines:
Assemblies of God Core Doctrines

We also have a 5-fold stated purpose:


Everything that we do at NDCC falls under at least one of these headings, and many times, more than one of them.

New Destiny Values

  •                 We value Discipleship
  •             We have an Evangelism passion
  •                 We value Serving & giving
  •   We’re believers in Training to....
  •                   Embrace Innovation
  • We’re driven with a Need to worship
  •           We know that You’re important
  •                  We value Cultivating relationships
  •             We embrace Holy Spirit freedom
  • We’re committed to Raising up leaders
  •       We proclaim the Importance of serving Jesus
  •            We believe in Seizing the power of prayer
  •             We value the Teaching of God’s Word
  •                    We enjoy Involving the performing arts
  •              We seek the Anointing of the Holy Spirit
  •   We know there’s a New Destiny for every person